Saturday, 1 February 2014

SYW - Dillon's Regiment of the Irish Brigade

After months of sitting idle with only a black undercoat for any colour, I've finally finished painting up Dillon's Regiment of the French Irish Brigade of the 1740s - 1750s. I chose to have these superb Front Rank figures in full coats so that I could use them for the Jacobite Rebellion of the '45, as well as the War of Austrian Succession and the Seven Years War.

This unit is very special to me due to genealogy research at the French military archives proving my ancestors served in a number of regiments within the Irish Brigade throughout the 18th century, including Dillon's. My next Irish unit that I paint will be Lally's Regiment as I've recently found out that there was a company within the regiment known as 'Stack's Company' during the period that the regiment served in the ill-fated Indian campaign of the Seven Years War. Captain Thomas Stack served as the company commander, while his cousin, Lieutenant James Stack served under him. 

The outstanding flags are supplied by GMB Flags, while the foliage was made by terrain guru, Rodger Wood of the Southern Strategists here in Christchurch. I've only recently started adding foliage to my stands but I'll continue to do so as I reckon it really lifts the final effect. 

The current unit 'under the brush' are some Napoleonic dismounted French dragoons that will take on my Spanish guerrillas. 

Saturday, 21 December 2013

SYW painting

It certainly has been some time since I've posted anything on the blog and I thought I should get at least one more entry in before the end of the year. For most of the year I've been concentrating on revamping my PhD thesis which meant my unpainted lead mountain still remains. However, that didn't mean I didn't get any painting or gaming done. Below are a few photos of my latest painting projects, together with some images of other wargaming adventures during the latter half of the year. The wargaming highlight of 2014  was participating in the 150th 28mm Gettysburg refight held in Christchurch in July. Seamus and I represented Confederat general Robert Rodes in attacking Cemetery Hill. Sadly our division got torn to shreds, and like a good Mill & Boon character, our troops 'lay spent' on the open fields in front of the hill. Hopefully we'll do much better in the Antietam refight in 2014.
Seamus and I contemplating our losses attacking Cemetery Hill 

The surviving Confederate and Union commanders at the end of the Gettysburg refight 

My latest completed painting project - Front Rank British SYW 11th Dragoons. Rodger Wood made the foliage that really lifts the final result.    

28mm Brigade Games Napoleonic French naval officers

28mm Brigade Games Royal Navy officers and bosun

25mm Dixon Roger's Rangers

A mixture of Dixons and Front Rank 25/ 28mm figures that I've painted up as French coureur du bois and militia.


I've just about finished Dillon's Regiment of the French Irish Brigade which will be the subject of my next posting (hopefully before the new year...fingers crossed!).

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Lastest paintwork

It's been quite some time since my last dispatch. Real life has imposed on my beloved hobby, but that hasn't meant that I've stopped painting figures or stopped gaming. On the contrary, over the last few months I've been tarting up and rebasing my old 25mm Dixon ACW armies. The September 2010 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Christchurch ensured these armies suffered substantial casualties....mostly in damage to the paintwork, but also with broken bayonets and carbines.

With the 150th anniversary of Gettysburg being celebrated in Christchurch this year with a massive re-fight in 25/28 mm, I have needed to get to work on these. So far I've managed to finish five infantry units, four artillery stands and four mounted generals of my beloved Confederates. I have promised to fix up some 'pesky Fed'rals' as well to ensure some of my gaming colleagues have sufficient forces for the game. I'll have some photos of them in my next dispatch.

Here's some images of an ACW game that the Southern Strategists held in the Mess late last year.

The motley crew from left to right: Dave Houston, Adrian Powell, Seamus Stack, Rodger Wood, Geoff Martin,  Chris Packer and Gavin Bowden

The motley crew from left to right -  Dave Houston, Adrian Powell, Seamus Stack, Rodger Wood, Geoff Martin, Chris Packer and Gavin Bowden

Rodger's scratch-built rebel signal tower 


Saturday, 17 November 2012

SYW - Fitzjames' Horse

As a result of doing some family history research a few years ago I discovered that my paternal ancestors were prominent within the Irish Brigade of France (largely recruited from Irish Catholics and known as 'The Wild Geese') during the 18th century. Hence, since that time I've had a fascination with regiments within brigade.

I was always going to have at least one regiment from the brigade represented in my fledgling 28mm SYW French army, with Fitzjames' Horse being the first to get a coat or two of paint. The regiment was originally part of James II personal army that fought in the war against William of Orange in Ireland, before it was evacuated to France after James' defeat, although at that time is was known as Sheldon's Horse. It had the misfortune of being one of the most-destroyed regiments of the 18th century; it was decimated at Neerwinden (1692); badly mauled at Ramillies, Oudenarde and Malplaquet during the Marlburian Wars; captured during the '45 rebellion (1746); annihilated at Rossbach (1757), and completely eliminated at Wilhelmstahl (1762) during the Seven Years War. So, it's a well seasoned regiment....albeit, somewhat unlucky.

I've taken some artistic license in representing the trumpeter in my unit. It is recorded that the trumpeters in the regiment wore yellow coats (the colour of the Stuarts) along with the white and green lace of the Duke of Berwick (James Fitzjames) and his descendants. Berwick was the natural son of James II who became a marshal of France. I decided to add red cuffs to my trumpeter to give some continuity with the rest of the unit, although I've haven't found any evidence to suggest this occurred in history. I've also painted my regiment for the period of the 1740s so that it could be used in my 1745 Jacobite Rebellion project. In 1758 the regiment replaced it's felt cocked hats with grenadier-style bearskin hats.

The flag is one of the superb GMB flags made by Grahame Black, while the figures are Front Rank.

Fitzjames' Horse charging to destruction

I've also included a couple of snapshots of several Zulu War commanders that have been half painted for over 12 months and finally finished off last month. These are from the outstanding Empress Miniatures range. Unfortunately the close-up photos have exposed a need for a bit of touch-up paint work.