Sunday, 29 March 2015

Second batch of Perry Gallipoli figures

Time is running out for me to paint my quota of 40 Perry figures for the new Great War exhibition in Wellington...but I'm determined to do it. With Easter taken up with family commitments out of town, this leaves me only a few nights over the next couple of weeks to paint up another 20. I've promised myself before that I would never again find myself painting figures into the wee hours of the morning but I can see I might have to break that promise...again. Never mind, there might be some good programmes on the History channel for me to watch when painting while the rest of the family are sleeping. Here's a couple of snaps of the latest figures completed which include Turkish casualties and New Zealand troops loading their rifles.


Saturday, 14 March 2015

54 mm Gallipoli Figures by the Perrys

On 18 April this year a new Great War exhibition is being opened in Wellington, New Zealand. The exhibition will last for the duration of the Great War centenary celebrations and it is very likely to become a permanent museum. This is a joint project sponsored by the NZ government and Sir Peter Jackson, with displays being created by Weta Workshop. Included in one of these displays depicting action at Gallipoli will be 4,000 54mm Turkish and Anzac figures made by Perry Miniatures. New Zealand wargamers have been recruited to paint these figures and I consider myself privileged to one of them. There have been issues with the distribution which meant that some blokes initially only received a few figures to paint up. My first five figures included 3 Turks and 2 Kiwis, which I have finished and returned. I love the poses which I'm sure will give a realistic portrayal of the action. Painters were supplied with a standard colour chart to follow, but I'm dubious about the accuracy of the Anzac webbing colour...although this doesn't detract from final result.
For more info check out the 'Mustering the Troops' blog at:        

Saturday, 7 March 2015

French Arquebusiers de Grassin

I finished this unit a month or so back and thought it about time I included them on the blog. I must admit that it was the exotic name of the regiment/ legion that first inspired me to include them in my French army. I was looking for a foot unit that I could use as light infantry/ skirmishers as well being able to form them to fight in linear formation. Although the Arquebusiers de Grassin was only in existence from 1744 until 1749, playing a crucial role in the battle of Fontenoy, I figure I can get away with using them in SYW battles. These Front Rank figures proved ideal for depicting the regiment wearing the stylish Merliton hat, even if the gold- coloured fler de lys badge is not historically correct.


Monday, 16 February 2015

It's certainly been a while since my last post but that doesn't mean I've been neglecting my beloved hobby.
On the contrary, I've been busy putting together my first 4Ground buildings. These proved easy to make and are relatively inexpensive and should prove very durable for years to come. I brought mine from Warlord Games who provided excellent service and I took advantage of their free postage deal.

The thing I like about these buildings is how versatile they are. I'll be able to use them for my FIW, AWI and ACW projects. The blockhouse is still a work in progress as I intend to build two different stockades for it to sit in: one with a wooden pallisade for the above north American periods and another with an earth embankment for Spanish Peninsula games.

The blockhouse comes with a base but I've made my own from 3mm MDF for the two frontier houses. The added foliage was home-made care of Rodger Wood, terrain-master for the Southern Strategists. Check out his blog:


Sunday, 24 August 2014

AWI / SYW Hessian Infantry

Its been a while but I finally got around to posting some images of two freshly repainted 28mm Front Rank AWI regiments. Apart from the command figures, these units were bought second-hand at a local wargaming swap-meet a few years ago. Their original old enamel paint job was rubbish, so I've stripped them and painted them up to represent Fusilier Regiments von Ditfurth and Erbprinz. The superb GMB flags really bring these units to life.Thanks to Rodger Wood for taking some of these photos which I've pinched from our Southern Strategists blog. These units will be part of my AWI Hessian brigade, but I reckon I can also get away with using them for my Seven Years War project as well. Until next time.....
Regt von Ditfurth (yellow facings) in action with Hessians and Royal artillery -Image by Rodger Wood

Fusilier Regts von Ditfurth and Erbprinz in action with Royal artillery - Image by Rodger Wood
Fusilier Regt Erbprinz

Fusilier Regt von Ditfurth supported by the Royal Welch Fusiliers (23rd Foot)

As yet unnamed Hessian general, but thinking of naming him something like von Smallhausen or von Fleihofen...a little bit of inspiration from 'Allo, Allo.'

Sunday, 1 June 2014

AWI Hessian Artillery and terrain

Its been a while since my last post but I have been quietly working away at reducing my lead mountain. A number of years ago I purchased about 60 poorly painted second hand Front Rank SYW Prussian fusiliers at a local wargaming swap-meet. After stripping the old enamel paint-job with nappy cleaner, the almost bare-metal figures have until recently remained neglected. However, the vast SYW collection of fellow Southern Strategist, Chris Packer, has inspired me to finally give these troops the paint job they deserve. First I had to order enough command figures for 3 battalions of fusiliers, which I'm painting up as Hessians. I reckon I can get away with using these units in both my AWI and SYW projects, even though there were some minor differences in the uniforms. I also decided that I needed a couple of artillery stands to support the infantry, so figures and guns were also ordered from Front Rank. So far, I've managed to complete two stands of artillery and one battalion of infantry (von Ditfurth Fusiliers). I've also scratch built some terrain pieces over the last couple months after being inspired by the work of another Southern Strategist, master terrain builder, Rodger Wood. Below are some images of the freshly painted Hessian artillery and terrain pieces, with photos of the infantry to follow in the next post.

Freshly painted Front Rank AWI Hessian artillery

A scratch-built small swamp using 3mm mdf, polyfiller and Woodland Scenics 'Realistic Water.'

       Until next time !

Saturday, 1 February 2014

SYW - Dillon's Regiment of the Irish Brigade

After months of sitting idle with only a black undercoat for any colour, I've finally finished painting up Dillon's Regiment of the French Irish Brigade of the 1740s - 1750s. I chose to have these superb Front Rank figures in full coats so that I could use them for the Jacobite Rebellion of the '45, as well as the War of Austrian Succession and the Seven Years War.

This unit is very special to me due to genealogy research at the French military archives proving my ancestors served in a number of regiments within the Irish Brigade throughout the 18th century, including Dillon's. My next Irish unit that I paint will be Lally's Regiment as I've recently found out that there was a company within the regiment known as 'Stack's Company' during the period that the regiment served in the ill-fated Indian campaign of the Seven Years War. Captain Thomas Stack served as the company commander, while his cousin, Lieutenant James Stack served under him. 

The outstanding flags are supplied by GMB Flags, while the foliage was made by terrain guru, Rodger Wood of the Southern Strategists here in Christchurch. I've only recently started adding foliage to my stands but I'll continue to do so as I reckon it really lifts the final effect. 

The current unit 'under the brush' are some Napoleonic dismounted French dragoons that will take on my Spanish guerrillas.